We are so happy with the release of our LIMITED 1/100 HORI Bold as Aroha Rings In collaboration with LISA JANE JEWELRY. Together we Have designed something full of Aroha for you, Or that special person in your Ora (life).

The ring is made from Stirling silver with the Maori word for love "A R O H A" printed boldly around your matimati (Finger) It is simple sleek but super sassy at the same time. Like Aroha, these rings are strong so men make sure you duck if it gets thrown at you. you can purchase individually for $180.00 both in the male or female ring or together for $300.00 for 2.



Nothing is as Bold as Aroha (love) I proved this 3 years ago when I got down on 1 knee and asked Mia to marry me in front of a crowd of 500 people at New Zealand fashion week and then because of the world wide web the entire nation haha,

cringy huh ..... nahhhhh

What people didn't know was that we had met at fashion week years prior it was Mias Birthday our friends family and kids were in the crowd, this was the first collection we had done together so it seemed fit to get it done.

I didn't have the money for a ring so instead, I gave her 50 bucks... ( in our family if you have a shit story you would then follow it up and then I found 50 bucks) we later framed the fifty bucks to remind mia how romantic I am.


Anyone who knows me knows that Jimi Hendrix is My all time favourite person in the world (aside of mia, of course, haha ) his Axis album Bold as love is my all time #1 so it seemed appropriate to involve him IN SOME WAY.

Again thank you for being apart of this story and keep an eye out on the hidden HORI i the ring haha

Nga mihi

Hori and Mimi

(please allow up to 4 weeks for rings to be cut and delivery)

(can take special orders on sizes for extra cost)